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  1.   All residents of Lincoln County may borrow materials from the Bookmobile after they have registered for a library card.

  2. Colorado residents holding CLC (Colorado Library Card) may barrow materials from the Bookmobile.

  3. Bookmobile materials are checked out for one month. Materials may be renewed for one additional check out period. Materials that have been requested by another patron or are InterLibrary Loan materials are allowed only one check out period.

  4. Fines of 5 cent per article per week will be charged for overdue materials.

  5. Bookmobile patrons who lose materials must notify the Bookmobile staff at which time the overdue fine accumulation is stopped. If the material(s) are not found, the patron is charged the cost of the item as recorded on the shelf list. If the patron finds the item within 30 days of payment, 50% of the price of the item is returned. No fines will be charged if the book is paid for.

  6. Patrons who return materials that they have damaged will be charged for the damages. If the damaged materials cannot be repaired, the patron is charged the price of the item recorded on the shelf list.

  7. Patron will be notified in writing when materials are one month overdue. A second notice will be sent after material has been overdue two months. The third notice will be a final legal notice asking for payment of the cost of the materials.


Use of the services of the Bookmobile may be denied to a patron who fails to return books, to pay fines or penalties, or who has destroyed library property. Bookmobile privileges will be reinstated once obligations have been met and at the discretion of the Bookmobile Director.